Wheels to Shine | Wheels to Shine: Nominate a Winner in Ventura
We have a beautifully rebuilt 2000 Volkswagen Golf that we will be giving away to someone who really needs it. We need you to nominate a winner and spread the word!
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Spread the Word

1. Print & Post the Flyer

Is there a place you go to often that has a community board? Maybe your child’s school, or your church, or even your local coffee shop? If you print and post this, you just mind be the reason someone gets the car they need!

2. Get the Word Out

Do you have a social media account? Use the links below to send shout outs to your fellow Ventura residents that we’re giving away a car.

3. Stay in Touch! 🙂

Don’t be a stranger. “Like” our Twitter and Facebook pages to stay updated on what we’re up to and find out when we’re having our celebratory party in May!